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What does ‘kosher’ even mean?

For obvious reasons, Jewish community is rather closed off. For instance, there is no indoctrination. On the contrary, you have to surpass quite a few challenges to convert to Judaism.

So, for that reason it’s not many outside our community who know much about our way of life. But if there is anything what I would like to introduce everyone to, that would be Jewish food.

Jewish food

As far as food goes, 5000 years of wandering the world has been a blessing. Unsurprisingly, many cultures have influenced Jewish dietary traditions. A little bit of the Mediterranean, a bit of the Middle East, a bit of everything. Add this to Jewish dietary laws, traditions such as Shabbat when you can’t burn fire and you have got yourself the most diverse variety of food imaginable.  This has formed two main, very different Jewish cuisines: Sephardic and Ashkenazic.

Shabbat MenuSephardic is meant to describe the cuisine of Jews who lived in the Mediterranean as well as North America. This food represents the high economic status of Jewry.

Ashkenazic is very different and is used to describe the way Eastern European and Russian Jews ate. Instead of fruit, various fish and many ‘expensive ingredients, this cuisine largely depends on much simpler, longer lasting produce such as potatoes.

To many it seems a bit strange seeing two very diverse, like Call of Duty and roulette app for Android and still calling them a Jewish cuisine, but it goes both ways. Like Jewish had to adapt their cooking techniques to the environment, the world changed their ways by learning a lot from the Jewish cuisine.

Best of what Jewish had to offer

The humble bagel you probably eat several times a week is inspired by the Jewish cuisine. No matter where you’d look, Easter Europe or the bays of Mexico, you’d find thousands of dishes that were either adopted from the Jewish communities or inspired by them.

schnitzelLike schnitzel. Yes, the beat up piece of meat and dumped in flour and eggs is Jewish. While most eat it with pork, Jewish Schnitzel is always from lamb.

Will everyone enjoy Jewish cuisine? It may sound like an oversimplification, but we believe they would. You may like Italian but hate Vietnamese cuisines. But in the case of Jewish, the cuisine is so diverse that it cannot leave you unhappy.

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Religions are a mystery and of them all, Judaism may be the most closed to the outside world.

Christians encourage you to join their religion, Islam used to force people into joining while it is not the case in Judaism. You have to study the Torah and prove you are worthy of becoming a Jew.

We don’t consider this to be a fact you don’t know about. On the contrary, this is one of the things most people know about Judaism because half of a season of the ‘Orange is new the black’ explored the issues behind converting into Judaism.

But there are many interesting things you don’t know about Judaism. Here’s our list:

  • Jews are free to explore the world
    While Jews may seem as serious as the Mormons, the religion encourages them to try different things and explore what the world has to offer. In the words of the holy texts, The God did not put all the pleasure to remain untried.
  • Jews KNOW there is a God
    Different from any other religion, Jews do not encourage bling faith in God. In your life, you are supposed to explore the world, the religious texts and try to learn about Judaism. If you have doubts or questions, you must explore the truths behind them.
  • While Jews are not against gambling, they recognize it as a risky endeavor and agree that through roulette it is hard to contribute to society. Is simple terms, most Jews are not the ones looking for no download slot games.
  • Heaven is for everyone
    The problem with other religions is the lack of inclusiveness. Instead of being a force of kindness, religion becomes ‘you v. me’. It is not the case with Judaism. Through thousands of years, Judaism has always accepted that no matter what you believe, in the New World everyone will be close to God.
  • Jews are religiously equal
    While there are rabbis as community guides of sorts, Judaism does not have the head of the church. So, in essence, all Jews are equal religiously.
  • Happy Chanukah


What is Chanukah? You might know Chanukah as a celebration of a miracle of life or ‘Jewish Christmas”. It’s no surprise that Chanukah is celebrated very close to real Christmas, because both celebrations are meant to symbolize how even in the darkest of times, a source of light can always be found.

If you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, we hope you enjoyed learning about Judaism. And it surely something we should be doing more often. Which is learning about different cultures and religions.

In this day and age the world is too divided to come up with solutions to global issues like climate change, the prevention of the nuclear war, etc. Religions should be sharing peace and love, teaching us how to find the answers and we will be able to do it when we will better understand each other.

One of the most important aspects of the life of Israelis are holidays. The attitude of the local population to their traditions is particularly respected, since most of them are based on events described in the Holy Scriptures and historically experienced by the Jews. The celebration of holidays with observance of all customs unites the Jewish people and does not allow to forget the history of their existence, the meaning invested in every tradition, and of course, helps to grow the next generations with respect and veneration for their faith. On some holidays, I will tell you without delving into the subtleties, but giving a characteristic and an opportunity to understand the life and traditions of the Israelis.

A new day for the Jewish calendar comes with sunset, respectively, all holidays come in the evening, on the eve of the event.

Shabbat is celebrated every Saturday.


The Torah teaches that the creation of the world lasted seven days – six days God created, and the seventh day marked the day of holiness and peace, as the day when he finished his work on the creation of the world and called it Shabbat. In addition, according to the Pentateuch, God consecrated the Sabbath. In Holy Scripture, this is the only example of simultaneous blessing and sanctification. Thus, this is one of the most important holidays for Jews, the day of spiritual rest, when all everyday affairs are postponed, people cease to strive for material values ​​and dedicate this day of rest and joy to the Lord. Meeting Shabbat, this tradition is rooted in the deep past. Its inherent attributes are a table covered with a tablecloth, two lit candles, a hala (traditional bread in the form of a braided braid), a kosher expensive wine that would separate the holiday from the everyday day. The Torah commands on Saturday the cessation of all work and rest, which is a reminder of the seventh day of creation and the proclamation of God as the creator of the world. When you are in Israel, you must remember that from the afternoon of Friday until the end of the Sabbath in the country – Shabbat.

Rosh-ha-Shana – in 2017 is celebrated on September 21.

Jews celebrate the New Year (Rosh-ha-Shana) counting the dates from the sixth day of the creation of the world, from the day when the Creator created the first man – Adam. In the days of this holiday, the Jews of the whole world, reflecting on the future, ask for peace, harmony and health. The sounds of the shofar (hollow ram’s horn), which are an integral attribute of Rosh-ha-Shana, call to wake up and do not waste your years meaningless, but to look into your souls, reconsider your actions, and become kinder, more honest in your deeds and thoughts. This holiday is another stitch in the life of mankind in general, and each person separately. On this day, the Most High considers and weighs our actions in order to give an opportunity to correct and reconsider what we are able to change and predetermine our destiny for the next year. From the day of Rosh-ha-Shana, the believer is given ten days for prayer and repentance in order to appear in Yom Kippur before the Almighty.

Yom Kippur – in 2017 is celebrated on September 30.

Yom Kippur “The Day of Atonement” is the most important of the holidays, which is the day of purification and redemption. On this day, as it is said in the Torah, one can neither eat nor drink, it is intended, that by the oppression of the body to strengthen the soul. This day is allotted to the Almighty for one purpose – to go deeper into oneself, analyze your life, your actions, honestly look at yourself in the soul and see everything that is not seen in everyday life, but what can be corrected that would be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. In Yom Kippur, there is silence in Israel, every Jew observes fasting and is absorbed in himself, through self-examination and prayer. On the day of Yom Kippur the Creator gives the opportunity to change the destiny, despite what is done in the past.

Sukkot – in 2017 begins on October 5.


Sukkot is a feast of tabernacles, a day of Jewish unity, joy and fun. The Torah calls this holiday “a time of joy.” It has several names – holiday huts, a harvest festival, the end of wandering through the desert, a holiday of humanity and peace. Traditions prescribe to Jews these days to live in “huts”, this is a reminder of the wanderings of Jews across the Sinai desert, that everyone should enjoy the gifts of nature and that material goods are not eternal. On the first and last day Sukkot is forbidden to work. These days the Israelis make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and celebrate the harvest. There is a tradition – treat. One of the rituals of this festival is the unification of four plants: a palm branch, a myrtle, a willow and a branch of a citrus tree (etrog, lulav, adas and arava), each of which corresponds to a certain type of people. These plants collectively symbolize the unity of the nation.

And ends the series of autumn holidays – Shmini Atzeret, the eighth day of Sukkot and Simchat Torah – the day of the end of the Torah reading. On this day in all the synagogues endure the scrolls of the Torah, and this ritual is accompanied by merry singing and dancing.

Hanukkah – in 2017 is celebrated from 13 to 20 December.

Chanukah is a bright holiday, when Jews of the whole world remember the miracle of the liberation of the Temple, the miracle of the victory of good over evil. The feast is celebrated in honor of the resumption of worship in the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC. According to the legend, after the liberation of the temple from the invaders, only one sealed and undefiled jug was found with specially purified olive oil for the ignition of the Menorah, which must constantly consecrate the Temple. This oil should have been sufficient for only one day of burning. But the miracle happened, the oil burned for eight days. Since then, the main tradition of the festival is the ignition of Hanukkah, which is very similar to the menorah, but has nine candles – eight, in memory of the miracle, and the ninth candle, standing a little apart, serves as an auxiliary, from it one candle is lit on a daily basis. And by the end of the holiday all eight candles burn on Hanukkah. This is a joyful holiday for both adults and children. In these days, a lot of light, lights, fireworks, as well as many delicious treats and sweets.

Tu B’Shvat – in 2017 falls on 11 February.

Tu B’Shvat (translated as the 15th day of the month Shvat) is the New Year of the trees, which in Israel coincides with the end of the rainy season. At this time, all nature wakes up. This holiday is marked by planting trees and a festive meal, consisting of plant products, those that give land. This holiday reminds that trees are fed and unacceptably broken and destroyed. The tree is like a man and a whole people, who protect their roots, their life, like the tree crown and their fruits – the younger generation.

Purim – in 2017 is celebrated on March 12.

Purim, a merry holiday, commemorated in memory of the miraculous salvation of the Jews from the cruel conspiracy of Haman, the adviser of the Persian king Ahasuerus. His wife was a Jew, beautiful Esther, Niece Mordechai. When Mordecai learned that Haman had planned to exterminate all Jews of Persia, he told his niece, and she in turn arranged a feast in honor of King Ahasuerus, in which she told him about the evil intent of the adviser. The touched king ordered the execution of his adviser, and issued a decree allowing Jews to repulse everyone who encroached on their life and property. So miraculously, the Jews of Persia escaped the plight of death. In Purim in the morning in the synagogue is read the scroll of Esther, and in the evening carnival processions begin. On this day, Jews are not only allowed to drink, but they are allowed to drink too much, so as not to distinguish “Blessing Mordecai from the curse of Haman.”

Pesach – in 2017 is celebrated from 11 to 17 April.


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Pesach is the celebration of the greatest event in the history of the Jews, their Exodus from Egypt. These days, the tradition prescribes to gather at the Easter table and hold a seder-a ceremony in which the history of times of total deprivation and suffering is remembered. Every Jew should remember that he is not alone, and everyone should feel the taste of freedom, as if he came out of Egypt. On this day, it is prescribed to help others and accept money and food assistance. This is another traditional holiday, which unites and unites the Jewish people.

Memorial Day – in 2017 falls on April 23.

This day is a national day of mourning, a day of remembrance of those who died in wars and died in terrorist attacks in Israel. On this day, the whole nation of Israel mourns and honors the eternal memory of the heroes who gave their lives, for the existence of Israel. In the country, national flags are lowered.

The Independence Day of Israel – in 2017 falls on May 2.

On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion read out a declaration on the establishment of a new state and proclaimed the independence of the Jewish state of Israel. Since that time, this day is the birthday of the Jewish state. In Israel on this day in the country there is a military parade and celebrations are held in all cities of Israel, therefore, there is so much events happening, no one has time to play at phone casino.

Day of Jerusalem – in 2017 is celebrated on May 24.

It is a holiday that is considered a symbol of the reunification of Israel. On this day, for the first time in many years, the Jews were able to regain the sacred places and touch the stones of the Western Wall, to the Wailing Wall. And today all the shrines that are in the walls of the Old City are accessible to all peoples and faiths. On that day in the synagogues they hold prayers and sing psalms. People go to the Wailing Wall to touch it and thank God. Also on this day in the city the March of Jerusalem is held.

Shavuot – in 2017 is celebrated on May 31.


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Shavuot is a holiday that serves as a reminder of the Giving of the Torah. This is a great event that happened on Mount Sinai, when Moses receives from God the Tablets of the Covenant – the 10 commandments, as well as the verbal commandments that were written down and became the basis of the Written Torah. Like many Jewish holidays, Shavuot indicates not only an important historical event, but also a mark in the agricultural cycle. In ancient times this day was considered the beginning of the harvest season. On Shavuot day, synagogues and houses are adorned with leaves and herbs, with branches of trees and garlands of flowers. The scrolls of the Torah are decorated. There is a tradition of taking mikvah on the eve of a holiday and on a festive morning. On this day, a rich table is laid, on which first of all there are dairy products in memory of the fact that when Jews returned from Sinai with Torah they were content with milk products. On the eve of Shavuot in religious schools, students receive certificates, and on the holiday of young children they begin to acquaint themselves with the Torah.

The ninth Ava – in 2017 falls on August 1.

The ninth Ava is the national day of mourning for the Jewish people, the day of fasting. This day is marked by a number of tragic events, the main of which is the destruction of the First and Second Jerusalem Temple.

Why has Israel banned online gaming? Well, from the politician’s view, it is a moral choice between collecting more taxes and protecting your citizens from addictive activities. But isn’t it a valid question of whether adults should be able to decide for themselves? The ban is even more bizarre when you consider these interesting facts about Jewish gambling laws.

 Not all gambling is prohibited.

1) Not all gambling is prohibited. Horse racing, national lottery as well as sports betting on football and basketball, both hugely popular sports in Israel are legal to play for money.  Naturally, organizing these games does require a government-issued license. Current gambling restrictions came into effect in 1977.

2) The ban is not religious. Judaism does not restrict its followers from gambling, but teachings of the Holy Book recognize the activity and its participants as weak, sometimes even as thieves.

3) However, in the modern days rabbis take a strong stand against gambling of any kind due to the addictive nature of these games.

4) Israeli companies have been very popular in online gaming world. Most notably, Vikings: War of Clans creator Plarium that is now worth millions. While not specifically gambling games, these types of games have a lot of elements of luck-based casino games.

5) Throughout the years Israeli government has taken harsh actions against anyone, local or offshore, running any type of gambling in the country resulting in many such domains being banned by the police in 2010.

6) Despite this, Israel is home to many companies organizing online gaming, most notably 888 Holdings as well as William Hill.

7) Other companies running from offshore (examples of which you can find at http://top-casino-bonus.co.uk) gain access to Israeli players due to 2012 court decision, stating that police cannot force ISPs to block domains, as they did in 2010.

8) The largest online poker site worth over $5b, PokerStars, was founded by Isai Scheinberg, Israeli-Canadian programmer. The site was launched in 2001 as a play-money poker site and quickly grew since. In 2016 the company was acquired by Amaya Group for $4.9b.

Every community should draw a line between allowing its people to make free-of-guilt choices about their leisure and protecting them from themselves. It is clear that we still have a long debate left on this topic as the two sides currently make up the two main opposing political powers, democrats and conservatives. But it is a debate certainly worth having.


The Importance of Israil and Neighbours

We’re required by God and by Judaism to demonstrate empathy to each human being. The upshot is that nobody is permitted to change a thing. A Saudi choice to become more actively involved with the Syrian quagmire would boost tension further still. They are generally worthy of criticism.

It was, naturally, only the opposite. And should you get permission, you need to pay a levy. Because they get dizzy, they begin vomiting, they must be drinking milk the entire time they’re there.” Our manner is the manner of peace.

What You Need to Know About Israil and Neighbours

Israel was founded to be a safe spot for Jewish individuals to live. Well you kill individuals and I find it quite sad that individuals applaud what you’ve said since there are several people who’ve been killed and I think that it is quite wrong (World Economic Forum, 2009). With Saddam from the way there’s no reason to invade Iraq. Roughly 6,600 people dwell in that neighbourhood. But they have never been paid in months.

Put simply, Israel has proved that only little actions are required to send it crazy. Therefore, if you get a thirsty Earth, and we do, there’s no superior ally than Israel. Tragically, up to now, no such partner was found amongst the Palestinians. It’s happening in the Arab world. In the Middle East, as in South Africa, it is crucial to grasp the past as a way to go forward.

It is the best location for amassing massive armies. So of course it can result in conflict between neighbouring nations especially where these nations don’t have sufficient water, versus nations that have flooding. Suddenly just one country had a nutritious economy. And it isn’t all walls and fences. There’s also deep distrust on either side regarding the other side’s honest intentions in regards to securing peace in the area. At war’s end, however, the world was a rather different location. We have to fight them in the digital world.

You might even be asked to get some part inside this invasion. First, it doesn’t wish to. Our principal export was oranges.

Food security has been in the headlines since 2008, on account of the growth of oil rates and an increasing demand for specified crops by alternative energy producers, which, subsequently, have driven up food rates. That dumpster right there’s full of stones. Without water, we’d die, you require water. According to our regulations, all of the water is owned by the people.

Naturally, the barriers aren’t fool-proof. What are you currently working on regarding desalination, regarding brackish H20. We dealt with a variety of facets of Israeli society with a large selection of readings. I will do it in lots of ways. First and foremost, these walls symbolise the urge to reside in a clean atmosphere.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Israil and Neighbours

Nevertheless, the simple point is true. But they were lured away by a number of the kidon back-up team. I think that in the years ahead we’ll work with each other to attain these goals, get the job done together openly. Only this time that it appears to be global.

Pillow talk isn’t a problem for her. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Whenever you consider the details, there are lots of issues with this idea. In the online age, you may read information directly and not filtered via the bias of journalists. Two things I want to add.