Famous Jewish People You Should Know

In life there are people who with their touch of humility, hope and knowledge have managed to accomplish great things. Among them is a diversity of religions and cultural beliefs, including Jewish culture. Do you want to meet the most influential Jewish people? Here you will know them thoroughly.

Albert Einstein

One of the most famous German scientists in the world was a Jew? Yes, it is; as you must know the great physical and mathematical student, was the pioneer in presenting the theory of relativity. First you must know that he was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, city of that country.

He had great influence from his childhood on the part of his father and older brother, since he was intellectually tutored by them after school hours. The boy was always quiet, and it is said that when he was in school he tried not to socialize with others.

During the 1990s he obtained his first university degree, which was a professor of mathematics and physics. After this, the scientist moved to Sweden, where after many efforts managed to acquire legal citizenship. At the age of 22 he met with a large group of comrades, among whom was his first love and with whom he would later marry; Mileva

Undoubtedly, you are a person you would rarely miss in the history of humanity; He had a great training of his Jewish family and is among the most influential physicists in the world.

Woody Allen

Named one of the best film directors of all time, Allen Stewart Konigsberg, from a wholly Jewish family, earned his nickname “Woody” for playing the clarinet very skillfully. It obtained at least 14 nominations for the Oscars, and finally made its first award during 1977 with the famous film Annie Hall.

Milton Snavely Hershey

The founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company, Milton Snavely Hershey, was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1857. It may be noted that he had a hard childhood, and began to study specifically at the age of 13 in Lancaster where his family moved after Many hustle and bustle.

First he began to enter the labor area with a small publishing factory and press impressions. Scope he quickly abandoned because “it was not his thing”.

Finally, he decided to go to the Lancaster confectionery, where he spent four years learning about the confection of sweets and with that knowledge, and the financing of his mother, was able to open the first candy factory fruit of his effort called Lancaster Caramel Company.

After the foundation of this candy factory, I achieved a huge success with which finally founded the famous chocolate company, one of the best in the world, really amazing, and it will be followed as an example of effort and constancy.  .

As you will realize, in the world many great contributions have been built by the minds of Jewish religion, thus achieving that humanity is getting beneficial changes, even in the aspect of science.

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