Israel a History to Remember

The history of the people of Israel and Judah has been an essential part of Middle Eastern history, but do you really know the whole story? There are several versions of the founding of Israel, but the one that has more acceptances, even from the point of view of the historians, is the biblically reported one.

The state was founded at the beginning of the year 1500 before the arrival of Christ, and as mentioned, it is in the book of the founding of Christianity that it explains mainly certain “facts” from the beginning of the genesis to the last book of the apocalypse.

However, there are several real facts and not speaking biblically, but rather have had repercussion in the current day to day. Surely you heard news about Israel or Palestine, and the worst of it is that they are mostly war related.

But this has a motive or several, and to explain it, we must refer to some historical facts. The Palestinian people had what is now known as “Israel,” whose extension had to “Split in half” to allow both Israelis and Palestinians to live peacefully, or that is what the United Nations.

During an agreement in 1947, the organization issued resolution 181 the above-mentioned measure; the results? For conflicts between both peoples, leaving wars with deaths and millions of affected; the worst of all is that you cannot clearly determine which of them the real “owner” of the territory is.

Israel is not the victim of the war neither Palestine is

“The holy scriptures” are part of the basis dictated by the Israeli people whenever asked the question of why their attack on Palestine. But what does this ensure? However, there is not much truth in what the Jewish people have said.

It all began when anti-Semitism was having more repercussion in Europe, so the Jews decided to “go in search of the promised land.” Thanks to the aforementioned agreement they achieved this in a half way, but in exchange for displacing the Palestinian people, which has resulted in a frantic war. Who will win? The truth is that neither side, since they all lose.

When World War I ended, the Ottoman empire disintegrated, so the United Nations, granted the administration of the finally liberated Palestinian people, so they decided to make an agreement, wow !, It has always been known that this type of meetings do not end up at all good. France was involved in the division of territories, where they were only looking for oil, it was clearly a disgusting meeting, and they were only looking to seize the opportunity.

As you can see, it is a rather decadent and rather sad story that includes a conflict that although it seems to be silly from a certain point of view, is not. Will there ever be peace between the two peoples? The truth is that 100 years could go by and the war would still be standing, sad to admit, but neither side already has tolerance for the other.

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