Jewish cuisine

What does ‘kosher’ even mean?

For obvious reasons, Jewish community is rather closed off. For instance, there is no indoctrination. On the contrary, you have to surpass quite a few challenges to convert to Judaism.

So, for that reason it’s not many outside our community who know much about our way of life. But if there is anything what I would like to introduce everyone to, that would be Jewish food.

Jewish food

As far as food goes, 5000 years of wandering the world has been a blessing. Unsurprisingly, many cultures have influenced Jewish dietary traditions. A little bit of the Mediterranean, a bit of the Middle East, a bit of everything. Add this to Jewish dietary laws, traditions such as Shabbat when you can’t burn fire and you have got yourself the most diverse variety of food imaginable.  This has formed two main, very different Jewish cuisines: Sephardic and Ashkenazic.

Shabbat MenuSephardic is meant to describe the cuisine of Jews who lived in the Mediterranean as well as North America. This food represents the high economic status of Jewry.

Ashkenazic is very different and is used to describe the way Eastern European and Russian Jews ate. Instead of fruit, various fish and many ‘expensive ingredients, this cuisine largely depends on much simpler, longer lasting produce such as potatoes.

To many it seems a bit strange seeing two very diverse, like Call of Duty and roulette app for Android and still calling them a Jewish cuisine, but it goes both ways. Like Jewish had to adapt their cooking techniques to the environment, the world changed their ways by learning a lot from the Jewish cuisine.

Best of what Jewish had to offer

The humble bagel you probably eat several times a week is inspired by the Jewish cuisine. No matter where you’d look, Easter Europe or the bays of Mexico, you’d find thousands of dishes that were either adopted from the Jewish communities or inspired by them.

schnitzelLike schnitzel. Yes, the beat up piece of meat and dumped in flour and eggs is Jewish. While most eat it with pork, Jewish Schnitzel is always from lamb.

Will everyone enjoy Jewish cuisine? It may sound like an oversimplification, but we believe they would. You may like Italian but hate Vietnamese cuisines. But in the case of Jewish, the cuisine is so diverse that it cannot leave you unhappy.

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