Things about Judaism you didn’t know

Religions are a mystery and of them all, Judaism may be the most closed to the outside world.

Christians encourage you to join their religion, Islam used to force people into joining while it is not the case in Judaism. You have to study the Torah and prove you are worthy of becoming a Jew.

We don’t consider this to be a fact you don’t know about. On the contrary, this is one of the things most people know about Judaism because half of a season of the ‘Orange is new the black’ explored the issues behind converting into Judaism.

But there are many interesting things you don’t know about Judaism. Here’s our list:

  • Jews are free to explore the world
    While Jews may seem as serious as the Mormons, the religion encourages them to try different things and explore what the world has to offer. In the words of the holy texts, The God did not put all the pleasure to remain untried.
  • Jews KNOW there is a God
    Different from any other religion, Jews do not encourage bling faith in God. In your life, you are supposed to explore the world, the religious texts and try to learn about Judaism. If you have doubts or questions, you must explore the truths behind them.
  • While Jews are not against gambling, they recognize it as a risky endeavor and agree that through roulette it is hard to contribute to society. Is simple terms, most Jews are not the ones looking for no download slot games.
  • Heaven is for everyone
    The problem with other religions is the lack of inclusiveness. Instead of being a force of kindness, religion becomes ‘you v. me’. It is not the case with Judaism. Through thousands of years, Judaism has always accepted that no matter what you believe, in the New World everyone will be close to God.
  • Jews are religiously equal
    While there are rabbis as community guides of sorts, Judaism does not have the head of the church. So, in essence, all Jews are equal religiously.
  • Happy Chanukah


What is Chanukah? You might know Chanukah as a celebration of a miracle of life or ‘Jewish Christmas”. It’s no surprise that Chanukah is celebrated very close to real Christmas, because both celebrations are meant to symbolize how even in the darkest of times, a source of light can always be found.

If you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, we hope you enjoyed learning about Judaism. And it surely something we should be doing more often. Which is learning about different cultures and religions.

In this day and age the world is too divided to come up with solutions to global issues like climate change, the prevention of the nuclear war, etc. Religions should be sharing peace and love, teaching us how to find the answers and we will be able to do it when we will better understand each other.

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