In Jewish religion, there are different terminologies that surely, if you belong to another culture, ethnicity or religion, you will not understand. Now, if you want to gain more knowledge, or you are part of this religion practiced by millions in the world, here you can reinforce your fundament; specifically, the meaning of Shabbat will be explained in depth.

What is the Shabbat? If the path has brought you here, to fill your mind with new concepts about this term, you are surely a lucky being. This is the seventh day of the week, which is considered the most sacred of all.

The Shabbat can be observed from the last hours of the sixth day, that is, Friday, during its sunset, and when the first three stars of the night begin to be seen. It is considered as one of the holiest days of the entire Jewish religion, this after the “Day of forgiveness”.

There are many activities that you can’t do in the sacred day

There are several ways to explain why the Shabbath is considered sacred, and here some of it will be exposed. Firstly, it is necessary to return to its origin, which derives from the Hebrew verb and the word shavát, which, in case you do not know it already, has the meaning of repose or resting.

But this goes beyond resting, since various studies and writings reveal that the Shabbat is related to remembrance and forgiveness. That is, to make memory back and to accommodate the act of being able to give thanks and at the same time to forget the adversities.

During this day, meditation is sought by resting, and for the Jewish religion there is a list of various activities that are strictly forbidden to perform. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

  • Cook
  • Planting
  • Segar
  • Shoot down trees
  • Threshing
  • Grind
  • Build
  • Load

These are just a few of those mentioned in the Torah, which is the set of 24 books that are called as the identity of the Israelite people. In addition, this book is one of the most fundamental bases of all Judaism, so to follow literally its different commandments, is a sacred part.

From these activities, a further series of these are derived, which are also strictly forbidden to the Jewish people during the Shabbath. For example, from the activity “Cooking“, derive fry, boil, and everything related in general with such action.

As you can see, it is a day really focused on the repose of the soul, the rapport with activities of union and self-denial. This deserves to stop working, which is why many fully Jewish families have the seventh day of the week as a non-working day.

Surely all this information has been very useful, if you want to go deeper into the subject, it is best to go to the sacred scriptures of the Torah, which as mentioned, is where the religious and ideological bases for all Jews . On the other hand, remember that if you do not believe in something, it does not mean that you should mock it, the sacred is sacred and must be respected.

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